"Think of me what you will, but before you do, don’t"


It’s 11:17 and I missed wishing you back at 11:11. You feel so far away now, not just an ocean, but a world. I’ll never see you again. I don’t know how to get used to that.

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Drowning in Oxygen

When you left my lungs felt like they were filling up with water
Every time I breathed in something that wasn’t your kiss
I drowned in my own abundance of oxygen
Our bodies pressed so close together even water couldn’t get between us
Now I’m left floating in your absence
And the ceiling is so close I have no where to go but under
I’m sinking so fast without you it’s like my heart is made of lead
Except it’s never felt so hollow
Each beat echoes without your arms to muffle it
And the silence it fills is so loud it’s deafening
I’m talking to walls that don’t respond
But when I close my eyes I see you in them
I wish to reach out and grab ahold of your hair again
My fingers come out empty just like all the days without you
I’ll never get the luxury of knowing you in all the places you’ve seen
I could travel the world and the air I breathe would still not satisfy these aching lungs without you to take it away

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